Happy. Obedient. Dogs.

At Charlo dog training, it’s not about forcing dogs to comply.

It’s about teaching dogs they want to comply.

A happy dog who is poorly behaved is a headache,

A sad dog who is well behaved is a tragedy.

A happy dog who loves to do exactly as asked–that’s a Charlo dog.

Packages and Pricing

At Charlo we want you to have the dog you have always dreamed of. This takes work, it takes dedication, and it takes a team committed to helping you achieve your goals. Our membership programs are lifetime, unlimited, comprehensive, and definitely the best way to go.

Here is what training with Charlo may look like:

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One-on-One Training, LAUNCH, Puppy ProgramGet Started
Designed to accommodate a wide range of issues, our One-On-One sessions will take you from where you are to where you want to be.
from $1,500
Boarding, Grooming, DaycareGet Started
This is a great opportunity for your pup to brush up on some of those rusty behaviours while you are away.
Tune-up for $75/day

Enjoy Your Family

Happy. Obedient. Dogs.

Let us equip you with the tools to be able to take your best friend with you anywhere, on or off leash,
and be proud to say "That's my dog".

Meet Our Team

Chris Howe

Chris Howe

Official Title: Business Manager / Lead Trainer
Samantha Howe

Samantha Howe

Official Title: Puppy Project Director / Lead Trainer
Jacqueline Del Bene

Jacqueline Del Bene

Official Title: Trainer
Alicia Bench

Alicia Bench

Official Title: Trainer

What Clients Say

Customer Reviews

“We had friends over one night and bear was driving them so crazy that I was almost in tears by the time they left. After many similar experiences, we took the plunge and hired Charlo Training. 6 weeks into training we had those same friends over. Bear didn’t charge them at the door, didn’t bark, and was quiet and stayed on his bed while we had dinner. I love my doggy again!!! Thanks Charlo.”

Marci R.

“We love Charlo! The best practical training to integrate dogs into your everyday activities. Absolutely worth it. We get stopped all the time asking if our dog is a service animal!”

Quinn C.

Charlo gave us the tools to be able to reinforce the training our dog learned during the Launch program. Our stubborn dog wasn’t responding to previous training, but after Chris and Sam got involved he’s much more obedient!

Andrea W.

“Chris worked wonders with us and our dog! My only regret is not training sooner! My dog would become embarrassingly aggressive when she saw another dog. After training, there was a huge difference in us and our dog. Muffin waits for the next command and has a sense of comfort and security in knowing what the expectations are. People often come to our house and compliment our well behaved dog, and I think of Charlo Training every time.”

Sarah B.

“Chris and Sam are beyond amazing!! Our Redbone Coonhound, Rua, is a rescue with a ton of energy. After her 2 weeks with Chris and Sam, Rua changed her behavior so drastically it was hard to believe. Most importantly, it is obvious how much Rua loves Chris and Sam…there is no greater compliment to give than knowing your dog made such great strides while being loved in another home.”

Karen G.

“Chris taught us how to communicate effectively with our young Great Dane so he wouldn’t terrorize our guests and pull on the leash while walking. We’re so happy with our well-behaved, giant family member, and our guests are much happier too!”

Ken W.