We offer boarding only to clients who have completed their core membership program! Boarding is an excellent way for your pup to get a brush-up on skills while you are out of town. Each dog who stays with us enjoys the same working regiment. This includes out-and-about adventures, group class attendance, they go with us to lessons, or whatever else we have going on that day.

To schedule your pup’s stay with us we will need to send us the dates you wish for them to stay. Once your trainer has confirmed your dates you are all set.

You will receive a text from Charlo a couple days before your scheduled drop-off date indicating where you will be going and what you will need to bring.

The only things you must bring is your dog, and any food or medicine they will need. Anything you bring beyond these two things may not return home when they do!

Our boarding rate is $75/day and $40/half day.