Jacqueline Del Bene

Official Title: Trainer
E-mail: jacqueline@charlotraining.com
Brief info

Jacqueline is the newest member of the team and eager to help your dogs be excellent.

Unofficial Title: The Happy One
Jacqueline’s passion for dog training started when she adopted a rescue German Shepherd/Chow, Hunter. When her newly adopted dog started exhibiting intense leash reactivity and dog aggression, she quickly became invested and passionate about training. Jacqueline made it her mission to help her dog and other people’s dogs, left fashion college a year into pursue dog training as a career, and hasn’t looked back since.

The journey in training with her own dog through his behaviors, has made Jacqueline very eager to help strengthen the relationship between people and their dogs through the training process, and help people better understand and work with the dog in front of them. She is also very interested in service dog training, because she finds the potential in dogs to help change a person’s life to be meaningful and beautiful. On the rare occasion she isn’t training dogs, you can find Jacqueline doing yoga, running with her dog & wearing all things the color yellow!