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Group Training Classes

Group Training is going to be the best way to take you training to the next level.  These classes are a reliable way to get the dog-distraction work we all need once our pups have mastered the basics.  Beyond that, many of these classes have a special focus.  Here's just a sample of what we offer:

- Scentwork Training

- Structure Group Walk

- "The Road to Offleash"

- CGC Prep Class

- CGC Certification

- Tricks

- Agility

- Greeting Manners

- Reactivity

- Complex Recall

- Beer class (yes, that's a class, minors welcome at all selected venues)

In order to attend one of these awesome classes, we do require your dog to have completed one of our training programs.  It's better for both parties if we run it this way.  Pups who do not have a good foundation yet aren't thrown into a large group while they are still learning, and dogs who are more advanced don't have the opportunity to work on more complex subjects. 


Group classes are designed to take your dogs training to the next level, with guaranteed dog distractions. Classes are held in a variety of dog friendly locations such as Stella Olson Park, Washington Square Mall, Mary S Young Park and more.  Group training is a great way to keep up with your pups training and all classes are included in your membership.  Check out our schedule here!


(503) 758-8212

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