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Learning to speak "dog"


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We believe in equipping and teaching our clients all of the tools in dog training.  There is no one right tool for every job.  Every tool we use has a place and has a reason for using it.  Our job is to make sure all of our clients understand how to use each of the tools in their tool belt to communicate with their dog most effectively in every circumstance.


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Dogs learn very differently than we do, in-fact they interpret signals in the opposite order than we do!  It's only through understanding the way dogs communicate that will allow us, as their handlers, to communicate with them in andy situation with the most effective tool for the curcumstasnce.  There is a variety of tools to use in dog training.  Understanding all of these tools and how to use them will allow us to communicate most effectively with our dogs.


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Any problem behavior from a dog has multiple root causes.  So single issue training may correct the behavior in the short term, but really it is only doing half the job.  This is why every membership program we offer is comprehensive, and focused on the lifetime of the dog.

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