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Launch Dog Training Program

The Launch dog training program is:

Our immersive two week board-and-train program.  The environment is tailored to an immersive training experience, and is the fastest way for your dog to learn the desired behaviors. Dogs in our Launch Training program stay and train with one of our trainers.​ Since most problems are in a home environment, it simply makes sense to train in one. This is also a critical reason why we will not accept any dog into the Launch program without meeting them first. As we have many dogs under our care at any given time, we will not take aggressive/reactive animals into this program for safety reasons.

During their board and train, Launch dogs will attend group classes, lessons, demo sessions, and join us on outings such as park trips, shopping center expeditions, and even running basic errands to work on car manners. When Launch dogs are ready to go home, most can walk off leash in their neighborhood, they have learned all of the basic obedience commands, sit/stays, down/stay, place as well as all other commands listed on our website. We want to build happy confident dogs, and this is done by setting clear boundaries and expectations for them.

Once the dogs have finished this dog training program, we do a go-home lesson in your home. In this lesson, we cover everything the dog has learned in their dog training program and help transfer these commands from us to the owner. Then there is a follow up lesson 1-2 days later to make sure everything is going well in home and then we do an out and about lesson about one week later. After all is done, we clear you for group classes.

When your dog comes home, you will gain access to all of our video curriculum as well as all of the lesson notes to review and continue training with your dog. You will also receive a generic go home letter containing what most dogs struggle with as well as personal issues your dog may have been dealing with before their stay with us.

Below is a timeline of what a Launch dog will learn over their 2 week stay: 

  Day 1: Meet and greet other dogs training, getting used to where they’ll be staying, crate, and very basic training with luring.

  Day 2: In the first few days, we teach the dogs how to respond to the variety of tools we use for training,  proper treat delivery, leash work, and building drive. While introducing commands such as recall, sit/down.

  Days 3-7:  We will build on all of these commands and build an “implied stay”. We work more heavily  upon the 3 D’s of Dog Training, (distance, duration, distraction), Place work, Heel position and moving heel.

  Days 7-10: Extensive training on the dogs walk, ensuring they understand the heel position and begin adding in more distractions to enhance their training. This is also the point where they begin working on out and about skills and where we will begin teaching them how to behave in public environments.

  Days 10-14:  The last few days is all about taking the dogs out and about to dog friendly locations. We want the dogs to be able to perform in high distraction environments so they can go anywhere with their owners. They will attend group classes, training lessons, and demos with us at this point in the program.

With this program, it’s important you as a handler know how to keep up with the training your dog knows. This is why we do multiple follow up lessons to ensure owners feel comfortable working with their dogs. It is also important to note, this is just a starting point (launch) in your training journey. Your dog will never be “done” and there is always more to do. If you follow through and continue pushing you will see your training break through to the next level.


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