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Privacy Policy

Any information we collect from you may be used in a few different ways.  All of which pertain to our delivery of service to you as a client, or communications towards that end.

There are three broad categories of information we may collect:

1. Contact information.

2. Financial information.

3. Medical information.

1. Contact information will be used to communicate with you throughout your training.  This may include emails, phone calls, text messages and the like.  By providing these contact details your are expressly allowing this type of use for this information.

2. Financial information is limited to payment arrangements.  This information is encrypted within our system and no party has direct access to all the details.

3. Medical information may be collected, especially in the case of service animal training, and is protected by HIPPA.  This means we will not be able to disclose any information to third parties, except by court order, without your expressed permission to do so.

Upon request, any subset of the information collected can be removed, where allowable by law, simply be an email request sent to

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