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Puppy Training Project
puppy training project client puppy

The Puppy Training Program is:

The Puppy training Program is an extensive board and train program that lasts 10-12 weeks.  Puppies start training with us at 8 weeks old and return to their forever homes at 18-20 weeks old. With this program the client has the option to have us help them pick out their puppy, we can pick their puppy for them or they can simply bring us their pup somewhere between 8 and 10 weeks old.

The things covered in this program include, puppy crate training, puppy potty training, puppy socialization, puppy biting and jumping, and will include all of the obedience commands used in our training programs. The puppy will also come home knowing a loose leash walk as well as off-leash manners. Even though they are capable of walking off leash, we always encourage families with a newly-trained puppy to use a leash. It’s only after you have built the relationship with the solid walk that you should attempt the off-leash portion.

We do travel for our puppies that go through this program. We have clients across the country, from Washington to Kentucky to North and South Carolina. Traveling puppies for this program go through a slightly different process especially in puppy selection. We will typically pick the puppy for the client and then offer skype training sessions to give the family the opportunity to see their puppy. Once the puppy is ready to go home, their lead trainer for that puppy will travel with the dog to their forever home. This trip will include three days of intensive training to ensure the information has transferred to the new owners. (Travel costs are NOT included in the price and vary by location)

Outline of what training looks like with a young puppy:

  • Phase 1 (8-12 weeks): Exposure of puppies to a wide variety of different (safe) environments and people. Use luring training to maneuver them into different obedience postures (sit, down, heel). We also focus on free shaping and heavy rewarding positive behaviors. Focus on potty training, tethering, and crate training. Towards the end of phase one we add verbal cues to obedience postures.

  • Phase 2 (13-16 weeks): Beginning leash work by teaching the dogs what the leash pressure means, advancing sit/stay and down/stays, active place work, and expanding on good house manners. They also are earning more freedom around the house and we are adding distractions.

  • Phase 3 (16-20 weeks): Increasing distraction levels, and doing a lot of out and about work. We take this time to crisp up all commands, expand the use of our training tools, and generally expecting more from the puppies obedience.

If you are interested in enrollment for a pup you have or are getting soon, please call for additional information. Space is limited for this program. 


(503) 758-8212

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