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Service Dog Training
We are proud to offer Service Dog Training

Service animal training is a challenging endeavor, but it is also one of the most rewarding. 

6 things you should know:

  1. In order to begin with Service Dog Training each client will be required to complete a "free in-home demo" session which can be booked by following this link:  Schedule demo

  2. A core training program must be completed before we can begin service work (one-on-one/Launch).

  3. The list of service tasks we can train dogs evolves over time.  Service tasks with prerequisites must complete those first.  This also increases the amount of training time required by the prerequisite amount.  Please note: all times are for Launch program, one-on-one training times will vary.

  4. Many services can only be trained through an extension of our Launch program. These will be marked with a (  ).

  5. Every dog goes through an evaluation before engaging in training.

    1. For 1-on-1 services, this evaluation can be done during the demo session. 

    2. For Launch required services, a 3-day evaluation visit is required.  This evaluation is $360 and if the dog is accepted, is reduced from the overall training fee.

  6. Not every dog has the aptitude to be a service animal.  If a dog is rejected through our evaluation, this is not a reflection on you.  It is simply an indicator your dogs aptitude lies somewhere else.  We will offer further guidance in this event.

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